Wiggins Steps up a Gear on Herald Sun Tour

Major Draw card of this year’s Jayco Herlad Sun Tour, and Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins, showed Australia why he is one of the most respected riders in world cycling, winning the fifth stage, and snatching the overall lead in this years event.

The Garmin Slipstream rider, who finished fourth in this years Tour de France, started off the tour in mediocre form, sitting on the edge of the top five for the first few stages.

But, with the end of the  Victorian race nearing an end, Wiggins stepped up a gear, taking out the past two days of competition.

As expected, the British rider dominated the field in yesterday’s 10km time trial through the states mountain region of Geelong.

Wiggins covered the undulating journey in 13 minutes, 7.5 seconds, 14.35 seconds faster than his nearest rival, Garmin teammate Svein Tuft from Canada.

He now holds an overall lead of five seconds to his nearest rival, teammate Chris Sutton, and 32 seconds over third placed Jonathan Cantwell.

It seems destined the yellow jersey will end up on the back of one of the two Slipstream Garmin riders, but the question remains, who?

According to Wiggins, the battle for the overall win will not hinder the relationship of the two friends.

“I haven’t been in this position before, so I don’t know how we will work it out. But if he (Sutton) wants to win, he can win. We always ride together, we get on really well and we are close both on and off the bike. I might let him have it,” Wiggins said.

The final stage will take place today in Melbourne.

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