Shimano SH-R220

The obvious heir to Shimano’s very popular SH-R215 line, the SH-R220 improves on that quality design and adds a couple of touches of excellence.

This is a custom-fit shoe, meaning you get in touch with the good folks at Shimano to tee up the details of your feet, and are sent your ready-to-ride shoes a few days later.

For such a detailed service, the costing is relatively modest, with the standard pair costing $210.

New technology in the heel cup adds to the stabilisation of the foot, as does the custom-fit technology that comes in the insole for extra support and comfort.

So you can get the most bang-for-buck out of your pedaling, a carbon fiber composite sole is installed and this works towards optimum power transfer.

You will have to worry about wear over time a lot less with this shoe, because the synthetic fabric used throughout has been designed to be stretch-resistant.

This means that even after a long period of riding, your shoes will hold their shape.

The shoes are very stiff without being uncomfortable, and they are also light, making it a winning package.

Strapping your feet in is not at all hard, with the Velcro and ratchet system doing a fine job of securing an accurate fit and keeping it that way.

One of the few criticisms of this latest effort by Shimano is the lack of a replaceable heel pad; some think this would give further customization and also lengthen the life of the shoes.

If you are looking for a tidy all-round shoe to perform at a high level, this could be a great choice.

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