Specialized S-Works

Specialized is targeting top-end road cyclists with its new S-Works helmet, a unit that tries to maximise the amount of cooling and protection for the least possible weight.

Retailing at $240, you would want the helmet to be a pretty good unit, and it certainly goes a long way to claiming status as the best road helmet around.

Although it is perhaps not as aerodynamic as some of its competitors, the S-Works sports a unique cooling vent across the forehead, which stands it out from the pack and makes it particularly appealing to riders who get overheated.

Comfort is also ensured by the Instrap system, which reduces the strap length to fit your shape and makes sure there are no dangly bits to irritate you.

Specialized says this helmet has been wind tested and has proven to be exceptional when it comes to cooling.

So if you need a great helmet that can help you power on through sweltering rides, the S-Works might be a great choice.

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