Bell Ghisallo

Bell’s second most expensive helmet has eked out a quiet but loyal market following for its classy looks, great fitting options and excellent safety element.

The Ghisallo has allowed many cyclists to live to tell the tale after crashing at decent speeds, proving it does what it is supposed to do.

The designers clearly favoured the angled, sleek look that is now popular amongst road cyclists, but at the same time made sure there were enough air vents to keep your head cool.

But the strongest point of this helmet is its excellent fitting system. Known as Fit-Lock, the system allows you to select the best fit and keep it that way.

The system locks on to your selection and unless you alter it, you won’t have to adjust it again.

Cyclists with small heads will be particularly glad that Bell has produced this helmet, because it accommodates a really big range of head sizes with its different models.

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